Warts and Verruca

If you have ever had a wart or verruca you’ll know that they’re unpleasant, unsightly and can at times be uncomfortable, especially on the bottom of your foot.

They can quickly spread from one member of the family to another and once you’ve contracted them, they may pop up (literally) at any point in your life. Warts and verruca are a virus that lives inside your body and at an opportune moment may appear - at the site of a cut, abrasion or blister.

Treatment Options

Treatment plans with vary depending on the size, location and individual person, but can include;

Conservative - duct tape (occlusion), Thuja (stimulates bodys natural healing)

Debridement - shaving down a prominent verruca

Nitric Acid - works by mummification

Salicylic Acid - keratolytic acid that encourages turn over of new skin

Silver Nitrate - keratolytic causes treated skin to peel away


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